The diary of a British expat living in East Africa.  News, views, debate and a healthy dose of trivia.

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The ‘Africa Expat Wives Club’ blog was created 2006 as a vehicle through which to describe life in Nairobi today. It gained a lot of traction (and readers) following the 2007 Kenya elections.

The content of this site has evolved since then and the new format is my attempt at moving with the times to produce something a little more colourful than before. In fact the site is illustrated with lots of my own photography #newhobby. You can also find me on Facebook,[/ts_embed] Instagram,[/ts_embed] Pinterest[/ts_embed] and Twitter[/ts_embed] #steeplearningcurve.

To clarify, there is no ‘Club’ and this site is certainly not just for expats, it’s simply intended for anyone who might be interested in looking through this particular window on life in Kenya. The ‘expat stereotypes’ are a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun. And that is the point of this website. Fun, humour, reality, life.

I work as a freelance writer in Nairobi working on projects such as magazine editing, report editing, feature writing, online content creation and social media strategy.

For collaborations you can contact me at africaexpat@gmail.com

Writer for The UK Telegraph ‘Expat Life’.

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